How to Find Amazing Compositions so You Can Take Jaw-Dropping Pictures Without Complicated Explanations!

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Landscape Photography Secrets Book

How to find identify beautiful scenes to photograph with any camera or phone, AND how to use storytelling in your photos.  Bonus - how to use the rules of composition and "stack them".  26 pages!

How to Find New Compositions Video Course

I take you with me in the field to show you how to find new and original compositions for your photos.  36 minutes of video content!

About The Author

Tim Shields is the founder of Photography Academy, the author of The Photo Cookbook and the creator of the Photography Transformation Four-Step System. He holds the designation of Master Photographer in Fine Art, and is the recipient of the International Nature Photographer of the Year Award from Master Photographers International.

Hi!  I'm Tim Shields and I help people who love photography take magazine-quality pictures.  I used to take pictures that were terrible, and then I discovered there was a better and easier way to consistently take awesome photos every time.  I turned these secrets into my Photography Transformation Four-Step System and I have taught it to thousands of photographers from around the world.

Over 230,000 photographers have downloaded my paid and free photography products, and I know they are going to help you take awesome pictures!

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