How to Achieve Landscape Photography Mastery
With More Fun and Less Formulas 
How to Achieve Landscape Photography Mastery
With More Fun and Less Formulas 

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Learn the four-step system 'live on location' at eight incredible locations in the Rocky Mountains

Module 1 - Discovering Natural Patterns 
Module 2 - Capturing Motion on Moving Water 
Module 3 - Placing People in your Photos 
Module 4 - Panorama Perfection​ 
Module 5 - Taking Razor-Sharp Photos 
Module 6 - Capturing Iconic Reflections
Module 7 - Selectivng a Wide Angle vs. Zoom Lens 
Module 8 - Blue Hour Secrets 

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Bonus #1: Live On Location RAW Photo Files  ($997 value)

Get the RAW photo files straight from Tim's professional full-frame camera from all eight Rocky Mountain locations.

Bonus #2: 'Epic Eight' Expedition Presets Collection ($97 value)

Get the presets Tim created so you can edit your Epic Eight RAW photo files in just one click! 

Bonus #3: Expedition Secrets ($197 value)

Learn everything you need to know to create YOUR OWN photography expedition...close to home or far away! 

Bonus #4:  Travel Money Saver Method ($197 value)

Learn the secret way to save money on flights and hotels so you can create your own photography expedition for less money than you thought possible!

Bonus #5:  Certificate of Completion ($97 value)

Get instant recognition when you finish the masterclass.  Print your certificate and pin it up because you are going to be proud of your accomplishment!

Bonus #6:  No Camera, No Problem! ($197 value)

Learn from Lea Shields in the Rockies as she shows you how EASY it is to take STUNNING landscape photos with your phone.  

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This Four-Step System REALLY Works!
Watch the Reviews!

Tim is an excellent instructor and his masterclass is superb...Anyone taking this class will not regret it.

- Satish Dasari
I just finished the Landscape & Travel Photography Transformation Masterclass and loved every minute, I can already tell that my editing has been improved and this is the best class I have taken so far, thanks Tim. 

- Melanie Cullen
I bought the Transformation Masterclass!  I HIGHLY recommend it!  Best masterclass I've ever purchased! ... I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

- Tiffany Steiner
Love Tim's straight forward teaching method...I would definitely recommend the Transformation Masterclass bundle.

- Joan Draper
I just finished the Landscape & Travel Photography Transformation. Tim brings his passion and knowledge to the classes. He breaks each lesson down creating content that is easy to understand. He will motivate and inspire you to go transform your photo artwork and skills.

- Craig Kauzmann
There was a natural progression, no jumping back and forth between topics, lessons were taught in a language even new photographers could understand. Tim engaged me for the entire course. I feel more confident now and have found a renewed passion. Thank you, Tim.

- Martha Hughes
 I can say now that I am an award-winning photographer thanks to Tim Shields' Photography Transformation Masterclass...the improvement to my photography have been in leaps and bounds.

- Andy Denton
I recently did the masterclass course and it was FANTASTIC.

- Lee-Ann Leitch
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have inspired me so so much and I have learned so much from these classes.

- Carita Manninen
Awesome... This was definitely worth the time and cost of the course

- Steve Neufeld
 I just completed the Masterclass and it was totally amazing! I learned so much that I struggled with before. Tim teaches in a way that is easy to grasp and easier to learn. I highly recommend this class to anyone ready to take their skills to the next level!
- Debra Love

I think there is a tremendous amount of value in this course and if I were you, I think I would raise the price. For those of you who are thinking about the course, go ahead and do it. It's a great opportunity.

- Don Havre
It was phenomenal ... Take this class.  It is TRANSFORMING.

- Terri Martin
Tim has helped me in understanding the art of photography. 

- Elaine Schneider
Wow amazing class. Tim covers everything you need to improve your photography whether you are a novice like myself or a more experienced photographer.

- Donna McCulloch
Tim really improved my photography, I can recommend this course to everyone who wants to get the very best out of his or her photography.

- Michael Voogd
I have the class.  It's the shortest route I know of to producing fine art photography.  Don't miss out!

- Craig Shelley
This class was eye opening and has helped me so much.  Highly recommend.

- Barb Pechous
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