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How to turn your boring snapshots into stunning masterpieces 

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Dynamic constrast stacking

New photography course by Tim Shields 

Dynamic Contrast Stacking

Are you making THIS mistake?

You might be throwing away your best photos without knowing it!

You probably have thousands of photos sitting on your hard drive, but did you know that many of the photos you think are throw-away snapshots can be turned into gorgeous photos that are so beautiful you will want to print them and hang them on your wall at home.

Do you want to know how to convert your snapshots into stunning masterpieces? 

This is a BRAND NEW and UNIQUE technique that you have never seen anywhere else, and it is called Dynamic Contrast Stacking.

Read on to learn how you can use this NEW technique to transform your photos into gorgeous fine art photographs.

Does This Sound Familiar?

From the desk of:  Tim Shields

Your hard drive is bursting at the seams with photographs you have taken while traveling in years past.  You probably have thousands of photos that are just sitting there, dormant and ignored because you don't think that any of them are real winners.

You're tired of post processing your photos only to make adjustments to the entire image with mediocre results.  

You spend time editing them, and you are disapointed to see that too often your edited photos are not exciting.  If you have to be honest with yourself, your photos might actually be boring.  You know the photography essentials, but you are frustrated that your post processing skills are not where you want them to be, and you are lacking a new way to add punch, pop and pizazz to your photos.  And perhaps your photos just look like tourist snapshots.

What you want is to have someone show you how to turn your tourist snapshots into a WOW piece of fine art photography using an easy to learn system.

None Of This Is Your Fault

You just don't know the new technique that will help you add layers of different types of contrast to the main subject in your photo. It is not that you are not smart enough or lack the ability to understand the techniques to "make it happen."

The actual issue is that you've just not yet learned what the "professional photographers" know, but won't (or can't) teach you.

But the great news for you is that I'm going to to show you how you can use an easy-to-use paint brush tool on your photo to add different layers of contrast that will make your main subject POP right off the screen, and will convert your tourist snapshot into a piece of beautiful photography you will love so much you will want to post it online just to see the "likes" pour in!

Bottom line:  Using this brand new technique is EASY once you know the steps to follow!

oh and one more thing...

I'm not going to tell you that I am somehow special because I figured this out, but I am going to tell you a quick story about how a failure on an important photo shoot actually changed my photography forever.

In 2015 I traveled to New York City with the hope of coming away with some stunning fine art landscape photos.  But the problem I was having was that this was a family trip, and our schedule didn't allow me to get to the great photo locations at sunset.  This meant I was taking most of my photos in the middle of the day.

We decided to take a ferry to the island where the Statue of Liberty is located.  We bought tickets and got on a ferry and sat on the top deck with 100 other tourists.  As we passed the Statue of Liberty, I took a bunch of hand held photos of the statue.

When I got home and reviewed my photos, I saw that my Statue of Liberty photos were...blah!  They were boring!  They were nothing more than average tourist snapshots.  

And so my photos sat neglected on my hard drive (with thousands of other neglected snapshots) and were not looked at again for five years.

Can you relate to this scenario?

I decided I had to create a NEW and EASY way to ADD THE WOW FACTOR to my photos !

My handheld very average tourist snapshot

The same photo after applying Dynamic Contrast Stacking

After that trip to New York I dedicated my life to fine art landscape photography and it became my full time career.

But I wanted to create a completely unique and NEW WAY to retouch my photos that was different than everything I had been doing before.

That is when I began researching the concept of CONTRAST.  But not the same contrast you use with a contrast slider in Lightroom.

I am talking about contrast through differences in SHARPNESS, differences in SATURATION, differences in COLOR TEMPERATURE, and differences in BRIGHTNESS.

When I finally learned how to stack these different layers of contrast to make the main subject POP off the screen, that is when the light really turned on.   It was my AHA moment!

It allowed me to literally direct the eye of the viewer to what I want them to look at - just like a magnet.

AND it allowed me to push the eye of the viewer AWAY from the distractions in the photo.

The best part?  I packaged this NEW technique into A SYSTEM that I can now use on any boring old photo in just a few minutes.

And you can easily use this system on your photos too!

"Now you can turn a boring tourist snapshot into your own beautiful masterpiece - quickly and easily!"

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that the key to easily adding drama to your photos is to add different layers of contrast to specific parts of the photo, and not the whole thing.

Some layers of contrast will make the main subject stand out from the background, and other layers of contrast will hide the noise and distractions that are found in almost every photo.  

This is literally the key to creating photography that gets noticed online and look amazing when printed.

The thing most photographers don't understand is that the secret to amazing photo retouching is not through edits made to the entire image, but to brushing in subtle layers of contrast over the good parts of the photo, and different contrast layers to the bad parts of the photo.

This is how you add the RIGHT KIND OF CONTRAST LAYERS to your photos.

It sounds complicated, but it's not!

It's True!  Now YOU Can Convert Your Snapshots Into STUNNING masterpieces...Just Like The Pros!

And here's more great news!

First, creating gorgeous fine art photos doesn't mean you have to spend years figuring it out like I did.  Dramatic pictures are the result of doing a number of things right in a step-by-step system that everyone, including you, can use to get great results...FAST!

Second, not only will you not have to struggle for years, but you have a unique opportunity right now to get the step-by-step system when you grab a copy of my BRAND NEW course!

Claim Your Copy of

"Dynamic Constrast Stacking"

How everyone can use a simple system to make your hero stand out from the crowd

Dynamic contrast stacking system

Here is what you get inside this video course...

  • Over 60 minutes of video content so you can watch it all in one sitting.
  • ​Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions.
  • ​Pause the video anytime and go back to watch it again.
  •  Lifetime access to the course content.
  • ​Watch the lessons from your phone or computer.
  • Come back and re-watch lessons anytime.
  • ​Straight to the point.  No time wasted with fluff.
  • ​Battle tested techniques that REALLY WORK to make your hero pop in your photos.
  • ​Use this for landscapes, wildlife, cityscapes, macro, portraits and architecture photography.

Contains ten modules so you can create stunning pictures from the photos already sitting on your hard drive

  • Lesson 1: Why layers of contrast in your photos are important
  • Lesson 2: Contrast through compositions
  • Lesson 3: Contrast through focus
  • Lesson 4: Contrast through changes in color temperature
  • Lesson 5: Contrast through changes in lights & darks
  • Lesson 6: Contrast through changes in saturation
  • Lesson 7: Contrast through changes in sharpness
  • Lesson 8:  Contrast through changes in depth of field
  • Lesson 9: The four Dynamic Contrast Stacking techniques
  • Lesson 10: Your Next Steps

Oh, and did I mention you also get my Dynamic Contrast Stacking RAW PHOTO FILES?

Copy my step-by-step edits from the classes using my exact same Raw Photo Files!  Straight out of my full frame camera!

You get the 6 raw photos files that I use during the course so you can follow my edits move for move.

Upload the raw photo files to your computer so you have them to practice the Dynamic Contrast Stacking System.

These raw files are straight out of my full frame camera.  You can copy my edits and even print them large!

The raw files are straight out of my full frame camera.  You can print them if you want!

“I can't wait to play with these photos!" 

Karin - Fine Art Landscape Photography VIP Coaching client

Watch the classes from any device. 

“SUPER EXCITED to apply these rules"

Terri - Fine Art Landscape Photography VIP Coaching client

Your pictures are about to change!

Here's something else I want you to know.  I sincerely want to help you!

Maybe money is tight...or you don't believe in your own abilities to take amazing pictures.  Maybe you are intimidated by all the sliders in Lightroom.  I believe in you and your desire to create awesome fine art photos... because you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't serous about making a change.

And because you are serious, I want to do what I can to give you all these secrets to Dynamic Contrast Stacking.

For this Black Friday weend only, I dropped the price of this course by 75%.  You might ask, why am I not just giving all this away for free?  Because as humans we don't value what we get for free.  You need a bit of "skin in the game".  The things you pay for are the things you pay attention to and value.  So if you pay for the course you are going to watch the content and learn the skills so you can create your own fine art photos.

So if you get the course I guarantee it will change the pictures you can now create, just like it did for me.

Get Your Discounted Copy Of The Course Now

Here's what to do next...

Hit the "buy now" button and enter your information so you can start watching the course content right away.  These are skills that will help you create super dramatic and professional looking fine art photos.

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

I told you that I am discounting the price of the course by 75%, but this is only until this Friday..  

The 75% discount is coming off.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer

I want you to have these skills so you can create your own amazing and dramatic fine art photos, so take action now and pick up your copy of the course AND get the RAW files.

Did I mention the 75% discount is ending?  Take action now and change your pictures forever!
Dynamic Contrast Stacking. 10 lessons that are easy to follow, uncomplicated and will change your post processing forever!
The Dynamic Contrast Stacking Raw Photo Files...this comes with the course!  Save them to your computer so you can follow my edits during the course, move for move. (It is so easy when you do it this way).

Get the Dynamic Contrast Stacking Course AND the Dynamic Contrast Stacking RAW Photo Files for only $49... but the price is going back up to $197

Only $49

“I really learned so much!"

Melanie - Fine Art Landscape Photography VIP Coaching client

My Promise to You!
(I rarely ever do this)

You will learn at least one new thing!

My promise to you is that you WILL learn at least one new thing about adding different layers of contrast to your photos in this course. If you don’t, you can request a full 100% no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.
Why only one thing? Judging from people I talk to all the time about this stuff, I actually think you’ll learn MANY New things.
But… if you only learned 1 thing that will get you dramatic fine art photos photos, I believe that is easily worth $49
Think about it… you’ve spent thousands on camera equipment. If $49 can help you convert just one snapshot into a fine art photography, wouldn’t you spend that any day of the week?

Who Is Tim Shields?

Tim Shields the founder of Photography Academy, the author of The Photo Cookbook and the creator of the Photography Transformation Four-Step System. He holds the designation of Master Photographer in Fine Art, and is the recipient of the International Nature Photographer of the Year Award from Master Photographers International.

Tim helps photographers take award winning photos through the Photography Transformation Four Step System Masterclass. You can take his free webclass to learn more.

Tim's bought his first DSLR film camera at age 13 and began shooting action photos and developing film in a home made darkroom. His photography evolved into landscape photos because it connected with his love for hiking and camping in the mountains. His photography style specializes in landscape, travel, and wildlife.

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