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AI Photography Presets

Save hundreds of hours editing your photos with these NEW automated presets that work like magic! 

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Bonus!  You Also Get 8 Tutorial Videos!

60 Minutes of Fun and EASY Training is Included!

AI Detects the Foreground
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AI Detects the Person
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AI Detects the Subject
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AI Detects the Sky
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AI Photography Preset Collection

3 Collections including 46 AI Presets!

Our BRAND NEW AI Presets Intelligent Preset Collection includes 46 of our best AI presets of all time in three collections for landscapes, portraits and wildlife.

We have utilized cutting-edge new technology to create this collection of the most popular and powerful effects we have ever developed in partnership with award-winning landscape photographer Tim Shields. These new AI presets will save you hundreds of hours of editing and will help you prevent the dreaded over processed look!

Compatible with updated versions of Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Photoshop on both Mac, Windows and tablets.

Includes 60 minutes of video tutorials on how to install, how to use, and our newest AI Presets Secrets class.

Includes 3 Collections of AI Presets!

Edit Your Photos the NEW Intelligent Way!

Portrait AI Presets

Value $33 - Included

Instantly detects a person so you can brighten the person and darken the background to make your subject POP off the screen! This is the secret to taking STUNNING people photos where your subject separates from the clutter of the background.

Landscape AI Presets

Value $33 - Included

Instantly detects the sky so you can add drama or warm it up. Then your AI presets will detect the land so you can make adjustments separately from the sky. This is the secret to creating INCREDIBLE landscape photos that win awards!

Wildlife AI Presets

Value $33 - Included

Your AI presets will detect wildlife, such as a flying bird (provided it is large enough in the image) so that you can brighten the animal and darken the background. This is the real secret to creating WOW wildlife photos! And your AI presets do the heavy lifting for you!

Bonus! You Also Get 8 Tutorial Videos!

60 Minutes of Fun and EASY Training is Included!

  • How to Install Your AI Presets - You can install them in one click!
  • How to Use Your AI Presets - It's SO EASY to use AI presets!
  • ​How to Avoid Common Mistakes - Expert secrets you need to know!
  • ​​How to Organize Your Presets - You will love how EASY this is!
  • ​​How to Make Your Own Presets - In just one click!
  • ​How to Use Landscape AI Presets to make your landscapes DRAMATIC!
  • ​​How to Use Wildlife AI Presets to make your wildlife POP!
  • ​​How to Use Portrait AI Presets to make people look AMAZING!
Stop wasting your time editing photos. Save time and ignite your creativity with this AI preset collection.
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AI Preset Bundle Collection with 46 presets in 3 collections
  • ​Landscape AI Preset Collection: Automatic Detection of Mountains & Skies and more!
  • Portrait AI Preset Collection: Automatic People detection!
  • ​​Wildlife AI Preset Collection: Intelligent wildlife selection!
  • ​​8 how-to tutorial videos so you can hit the ground running!

$97  $37

This is Tim's signature collection of AI Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop.
Create beautiful photos and spend less time at the computer.

One Click Instant Install!

Buy These AI Presets Right Now!

3 Collections including 46 AI Presets
One-Click Instant Install on Your Computer

AI Presets
 Intelligent Presets Collection 

for Lightroom & Photoshop!

$97  $37

One Click Instant Install!

Yes! I want these AI Presets!

3 Collections With 46 AI Presets + 8 How-to Videos

I have always hated wasting time by spending hours editing my pictures.  The process of masking out a sky, or masking over wildlife is time consuming and painful. 

But finally new techology was created that allows AI presets to do the heavy lifiting for you.  

These AI presets will select a sky, or a person, or an animal, so you can brighten your main subject and easily darken the background.  This is how you make your photos really stand out from the crowd!

"I use them for my everyday photography workflow.  They are a true game-changer and you are going to love them!"
One Time Flash Sale!
Fully compatible with  Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop.  Your version of LR or PS must be updated to use AI presets.  Works with both Mac and Windows computers with Lightroom CC installed.
From Around the World
This preset collection is built from Tim's actual photos from Europe, Asia and North America.
100% No Questions Guarantee
If you are not satisfied, Tim will give your money back within 30 days.  Guaranteed.
Easy Install
Purchase includes an easy to follow, step by step installation videos.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What versions of Lightroom are compatible with these AI presets? This preset collection is compatible with new and updated versions Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop. 

Do the presets work with Photoshop? These presets are fully compatible with Photoshop inside the RAW editor . They will not work with older versions of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Do these presets work in Lightroom Mobile? Yes, but you must have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Once the presets are installed onto a computer that has Lightroom CC  installed on it, they will sync with Lightroom Mobile on your mobile devices if you are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Do I need an Adobe Creative Cloud membership to use these presets?  Yes. These AI presets will work with new versions of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud program. They are fully Mac and Windows compatible.

Do I need Lightroom to use these presets? Yes, you need a new version of Lightroom to use these AI presets.
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